Deleted Scene from, The Sicilian’s Betrayal

Angela mentally smiled and thought, too bad the photos she had been sending Ricardo could not keep them apart. She would have to come up with another plan to separate her rotten nephew and his bitch. Now she had to worry about the child as well.
Angela stared daggers at the backs of her nephew and his wife. She had to find a way to separate them. Cause him to suffer for all that was done to her and her son by Ricardo’s father, her dear, dear brother.
She had enjoyed being Ricardo’s housekeeper, in his upper east side penthouse. She was in close contact with him, New York was his base of operation back then. Ricardo was a playboy in every sense of the word. He was never without a woman for too long. He went from one woman to another. Angela kept a close eye on his relationships, content that he never took more than a passing interest in any one woman. Not until Liz came along that is.
When he met Liz, Angela knew things were different and that frightened her. The stupid girl believed her when she said Ricardo wanted her gone from his home. Angela smiled to herself thinking of that night. He had gone on a business trip when he got home Liz was gone. He was prepared to search for her, but Angela had anticipated that and had the first set of photos ready for him.
She thought back to how good an actress she was. She had wrung her hands and had actually been able to bring tears to her eyes. “Oh Ricardo, it was terrible. The moment you left she began packing her bags. She was leaving you, she said for another man. A man she met on one of your ships. I tried to stop her, to persuade her to at least wait and tell you to your face. She would not listen. She said you were not the man for her and she found someone much better.” Angela had put her hands to her face and pretended to cry into them.
Ricardo had looked so devastated, the color drained from his face. “I stopped her from taking any of the clothes and jewelry you gave her.” Angela was so proud of how well she lied, she took out an envelope.
“Here Ricardo, she left this for you.” He had taken the envelope and opening it he saw the photo of Liz and Andre at dinner on the last night of the cruise. He read the note, I’m sorry but there is no future for us. I don’t love you and never have. I am going to marry Andre. Don’t try and find me.
He had dropped the photo to the floor, along with the note and walked out of the apartment he was gone for weeks. Angela knew he had buried himself in his work, traveling to his different companies. When he returned the next batch of photos, the more devastating ones awaited him.
Angela remembered how Liz hadn’t even realized she was expecting. Angela knew the signs and knew that Liz would soon realize it. She had to work fast to keep them separated, so when Liz called she had been prepared to give her the money and tell her that Ricardo wanted nothing to do with her, that he would be pleased if she had an abortion. He did not want her or her child. He would never claim her baby as his. Angela had hoped that Liz would have gone through with.
Giorgio walked out onto the balcony, “I was looking for you.” He said as he took his mother’s thin arm and lead her into the ballroom. “I’m going home tonight–” he saw brows pull together and felt her stiffen. “Don’t worry I will be back for the festivities. Why don’t you come home with me?”
She smiled up at her son, patted his cheek, “No. I think I will stay in Palermo for a while. You go.”
He kissed her on both cheeks, said his farewells to the rest of the family and left for home.
Angela hated the vineyards and the villa Giorgio called home. He should have been the head of the whole company and not just the wine manufacturing. She never could understand why he loved to work in the dirt. He was so much better than that. He had graduated from a top university in England–to work in the fields? Her stupid brother convinced Giorgio that he belonged in the fields, and only his sons were worthy of wearing expensive suits and working without getting their hands dirty.
It was all going to work out. Soon they would all pay, and her son could take his rightful place as head of DiMarco Enterprises. She did not believe Giorgio when he told her that this was what he wanted. His profits were in the millions at something he enjoyed. He did not want the headaches Ricardo dealt with. He was happy just managing the wine business for DiMarco Enterprises.
“I enjoy the quiet and not being involved with the day to day operations of the company. Let Ricardo and Gianni have those headaches.” He had told her. He smiled and said, “Wouldn’t you rather I find someone and make you a grandmother?”
“But of course, I want to be a grandmother. I want you to have so much more.” Her thoughts turned away from Giorgio as she went home to her apartment.

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