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The Sicilian’s Betrayal

The Sicilian’s Betrayal—a second chance at love.

Elizabeth Ferguson never expected to see the Sicilian billionaire–a man she hates–walk into the Fifth Avenue jewelry store where she works.Ricardo DiMarco didn’t want the child she carried…now years later a chance encounter brings Liz face to face with the handsome brooding Sicilian billionaire. He can never know her secret. Ricardo DiMarco has always lusted for the luscious green eyed siren who left him to marry another man. Discovering her single and working he plans a tantalizing revenge. Getting Liz fired and seducing her with his expert touch is only the beginning. He won’t allow her to slip through his fingers this time.

The Winemaker’s Seduction

The Winemaker’s Seduction—Bank executive Madeline Watson never allows any man too close. Five years after being jilted she is content with her life as it is. Her mantra: Sex, yes, always. It’s good for the complexion. Dating, no. Never. Spending the entire night in the arms of a man—No, never again. No commitments just sex.

 Sicilian chick magnet Giorgio Lombardo, President of Lombardo Wines. The ruggedly handsome, virile winemaker loves his carefree life. Jetting off on his private plane to inspect his vineyards, among other things, or driving through the Mediterranean countryside in his Lamborghini. Women drop at his feet—until Madeline Watson walks into it. 

The uptight bank exec rocks his world, disrupting his carefree existence and has him happy to satisfy her craving for uncomplicated sex. Agreeing to a let’s meet for sex relationship, Giorgio finds himself wanting more. Now he has to convince the sexy blonde to commit to him.

Can he convince her to change their let’s meet for sex relationship to a happily ever after?

The Frenchman’s Revenge

TRIGGER WARNING: I’m so sorry but, Angela and Andre had their story to tell and I couldn’t stop them from telling it their way. There is KIDNAPPING, and POSSESSION with lots of EXPLICIT SEX including SEXUAL SITUATIONS that some may find potentially distressing.

One ruthless woman and one pleasure seeking man blur the lines between lust, love, decency and revenge.  

Angela DiMarco Lombardo makes her own decisions. The independent widow is headstrong and ruthless. Manipulating anyone who stands in her way. She doesn’t care whose heart she has to tread on to achieve her goals. Billionaire playboyAndre Bourbon, maybe ten years younger than Angela, but that doesn’t stop her from manipulating him. Luring him with false desire and empty promises of sizzling nights of passion. The pleasure seeking billionaire playboy, is enraged when he learns how thoroughly deceived he was by Angela and how she used him. Playing him for a fool in more ways than one. He is consumed with rage. Kidnapping her from her home in Palermo and holding her captive in his Paris mansion is just the beginning. His blinding rage demands that he must possess the Sicilian beauty at any cost. He won’t rest until he owns her body, mind, and soul. 

The Sea Captain’s Redemption

Free spirited cruise ship captain, Lorenzo DiMarco never wanted love. All he needed was his women in each port to satisfy his unconventional needs. Until…Francesca Russo, his best friend’s younger sister came aboard his ship for a two week Hawaiian cruise. The fun loving innocent opens Lorenzo to a new world of emotions he never knew he needed. Can Lorenzo change his ways for the blue eyed beauty? Can the sea captain get his redemption?

A Fake Date for Kate

Five days before Christmas, Kate Thompson boards a flight from LAX on her way to New York for her sister’s Christmas Eve engagement party. The only problem she’s minus a date and now a prime target for her mother and sister’s meddling ways. Not only will she be alone for all the couple activities her sister has planned, but Kate’s ex husband and his pregnant wife will be there. How could this nightmare ever be merry and bright?

Alex Messina was going to be alone for Christmas. Then Kate takes the last empty seat next to him. On the five-hour flight, her talk of an old-fashioned family Christmas, baking cookies, decorating, and shopping has him yearning for the kind of holiday celebrations from his childhood.

She needs a fake date, and he wants a family Christmas. What could go wrong?

Brandon Johnson can’t believe his good fortune landing a prominent movie role. And Christmas on location in Fiji with A-Lister Carlotta.Emotionally unavailable, Carlotta always hated guys like Brandon Johnson. The devastatingly handsome TV actor irritated her with his sly remarks. His notorious reputation preceded him. Although his charm worked on others, it would not on her. Carlotta’s plan is to fly to Fiji, get through the shoot and hightail it out of paradise.Brandon had no use for love until the sexy Italian film star ignited a fire in his soul. Now, he’s willing to give up his one-nighters for Carlotta. Can he convince the seductive beauty that they belong together?

Sarina Moore is desperate for money and lots of it. What could go wrong when the kindergarten teacher finds a dream summer job aboard a luxury yacht cruising the Mediterranean? When Sarina boards the Carmella in the Kingdom of San Destino, she realizes the position is for sex and not what she agreed to. She escapes the Carmella before it sets sail. Once off the yacht, Sarina runs straight into the arms of Jason Donato. The mysteriously rich and sinfully handsome stranger offers to help her.  

Jason Donato keeps his true identity from the beautiful redheaded temptation. Born to wealth and privilege. He’s accustomed to getting whatever he desires. Sarina can’t help but surrender her innocence to the sizzling billionaire playboy. In a night of unimaginable ecstasy, Jason gives into his lust for Sarina. Her wild abandon ignites a fire that scorches his soul. But when Sarina is pregnant, to claim his heir, he demands they marry. All he will offer her is a life of wealth and sex the way he likes it, with no strings, no commitments, and no promises of love.

Can Sarina have a happily ever after on those terms?

Leonardo Vitale’s life changes with one middle of the night phone call. The sinfully handsome hotel tycoon never expected to hear the name Rose Steele again.

Three years ago, Leonardo told Rose he never wanted marriage or children. The sexy grad student walked away from their sizzling passion filled Neapolitan nights, taking her secret back to Texas with her.

Now, an injured Rose wakes to find the man she once loved sitting by her hospital bed. Leonardo vows to help her recuperate at his home in Sicily so he can bond with his daughter. Can Rose be near him and ignore the memories of their heated nights?

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